Refresh your senses in the crystal clear waters

Revitalize your senses and experience a new state of wellbeing, diving into crystal clear waters, going with the flow and enjoying effortlessness and ease. The small but lovely pool in our Wellness Hotel Schönblick offers a waterfall as well as a counter current. The inviting daybeds and the sounds of soft music provide a popular space to relax and re-energize.

Our indoor pool is open daily for you from 8am till 8pm. Experience the refreshing, regenerating and relaxing effect of the waters whenever you wish – before breakfast, on cold and rainy days or after a day of skiing or hiking. Our tea bar with drinks and fresh fruit is also available for you all day long.

An Overview
Pool in Schönblick
  • Indoor pool
  • With waterfall & counter current
  • Tea bar with drinks & fresh fruit
  • Pool opening times: daily from 8am till 8pm