Dolomites – Summer for everyone

A summer holiday in the Dolomites is ideal for adventurers who are after fulfilling their very personal holiday dream. Whether this dream consists of sports and action in the mountains, in the waters, in the air or in simply enjoying the sunshine and the refreshing waters – here simply all our guests will find what they are looking for! For families the region offers a broad range of activities including many highlights for kids.

An Overview
Summer holidays in Schönblick


Imagine 30°C in the shade; the sun is shining in the sky and no cloud can be spotted on this hot summer day. Fancy a refreshment? Then off to the cooling water! Our Park Hotel Schönblick offers a small but lovely pool surrounded by a luxurious garden. Besides that, you will find an outdoor pool in Bruneck or the large water paradise Cron4 in Reischach directly on our doorstep with various pools for all ages, water slides and generous lawns for sunbathing and relaxing. The surroundings offer many other attractive offers for water rats and sun worshippers such as the inviting bathing lakes of Issing and Gais. Enjoy summer, sun and fun, topped with the spectacular views over the fascinating mountains of the Dolomites.


Taking off, floating in the air light as a feather, experiencing the adventure of a lifetime! The dream to fly is as old as humanity. No other flying sport comes as close to realising that dream as paragliding. Interested in flying over the mountains and seeing treetops, meadows and the valley Pustertal from an entirely new angle? No problem at all. On our local mountain Kronplatz you have the possibility to rise up into the air along with experienced paraglide pilots so that you can admire your holiday resort from above.

Rafting & Canyoning

If you are someone to throw yourself boldly into every adventure, if you love trying out new things and don't shy the water, then we recommend you an unforgettable wild water tour on the river Rienz or Ahr – with or without boat. In the first variation you paddle in a rubber boat together with a routinized rafting guide over rapids and little cascades. In the second variation – or canyoning – you follow the riverbed by foot, jumping into natural water basins and abseiling from foaming waterfalls. There are also suitable offers for beginners and children centred on fun and safe water adventures. You do find quite a few professional rafting and canyoning organisers in the immediate surroundings of our Park Hotel Schönblick.