The charming city at the river Rienz

With about 16,000 inhabitants, Bruneck is no metropolis; however, it is the bustling centre of the valley Pustertal, where everything and everyone comes together. The pretty town with its historic centre and wide range of free time activities as well as cultural and gastronomic offers, combines urban and country flair and invites to stay a while.

Bruneck is characterised by mainly two things: the little shopping paradise with its many attractive shops, elegant boutiques and diverse specialised stores and the many sights in and around town: castle Bruneck with the Messner Mountain Museum, the ancient town gates or the war cemetery at Kühbergl.

So it is convenient that all these treasures are not far from our Hotel Schönblick. In fact, from Reischach it takes only a few minutes to reach Bruneck by car or by bus – the stop is just next to our house. 

An Overview
Visiting Bruneck
  • Stadtgasse in the centre: pedestrian zone & shopping street
  • Shopping possibilities from A to Z
  • Castle Bruneck, MMM Ripa, city museum and much more
  • Highlights all year round: town festival, Christmas market, shopping nights and many more