UNESCO World Heritage

For some they are a giant adventure park with an endless number of alpine challenges, a winter wonderland in every way. Others see them as an idyllic retreat and pristine nature resort. Again others simply find them to be the most beautiful mountains in the world.

But no matter under which light one looks at those legendary „pale mountains“, the fascination they hold is so strong, that it is impossible not to be cast under their spell. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that in 2009 the Dolomites have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

An Overview
Facts about the most beautiful mountains in the world
  • Name giver: geologist Déodat de Dolomieu
  • Over 200 million years old
  • Trademark: Drei Zinnen (E: Three Peaks)
  • Highest mountain: Marmolata (3,342m)
  • Uncountable tales & legends ranking around the Dolomites